Egress Press and Research (EPR) is a fine art publishing and research component of the Printmaking Area of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania’s Art Department. EPR has become an entity working to foster an environment of artistic/scholarly inquiry, through faculty and student direct interaction with artists involved in creative projects and art production. EPR promotes this artistic activity/inquiry through fine art printing and publication efforts and through our development of an ongoing series of visiting artist lectures, workshops, critiques and discussions on issues relevant to contemporary art and printmaking.

These activities benefit the artist, the local community, the university, and particularly the students by building new connections, and through the sharing of knowledge and skills. Such connections, to artists, other print publishing entities and universities, create opportunity for internships, exhibitions and other rewarding endeavors. Egress Press and Research has an ongoing relationship with the Erie Art Museum which accepts each new print published by EPR into it's collection. Edinboro University also accepts each print into its permanent collection, and EPR has its own archive.

In Egress Press and Research’s short life, we have completed an impressive amount of exciting work, and are enthusiastic about our future projects. EPR is facilitating a growing diversity of printmaking projects that are a respectable vehicle for creating connections with other universities and arts organizations. EPR continues to create associations with print institutions where our printmaking majors are interning and working beyond our studio. The students also gain skills in arts management, print publishing, fundraising, and archiving. Our goals include developing a working space and environment where students gain hands on practical experience, and work directly with professional artists to create important, and interesting artwork. Through this mission, EPR is developing a forum for students to interact with faculty and artists outside of the curriculum, which is vital to the educational process.